Sunday, October 4, 2009



We still have a few jaw dropping pieces from Montreal based designer Arielle de Pinto.

For those who don't know the designers work, she makes incredibly beautiful necklaces and bracelets (along with many other incredible accessories) by crocheting metal together. Arielle de Pinto participates in the New York an Paris fashion weeks as well as collaberating within the artistic communities in Montreal, New York and Berlin.

Anita Sikma

We would like to welcome a new line of jewellery by Anita Sikma who started creating and designing jewellery 5 years ago. The majority of her work is constructed in wax and then cast in sterling silver. Each piece is handled individually which makes all her pieces unique.

We have a few of these amazing pieces in now.

check out more of Anita's jewellery @

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